~1.9 Million 2013-18 Nissan Altimas Recalled


~1.9 Million 2013-18 Nissan Altimas Recalled

This recall is to replace a secondary hood latch that can fail due to corrosion and affects both two and four door models. Nissan explained the problem is that rust can develop on the secondary hood latch and freeze it in the open position. Closing the hood could then bend it, damaging it and leaving the hood unable to be locked in place.

The vehicles still have a primary hood latch, but the secondary latch ensures the hood doesn’t fly open as soon as the primary latch is released.

The recall will start June 22, 2020, as NISSAN works on figuring out a way to fix the problem, until then, owners of affected vehicles will receive instructions on how to to keep the hood from flying off while driving.

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